Comprehensive Examinations:  There is much more to vision than reading the "20/20" line on the acuity chart.  Our comprehensive eye examinations evaluate your entire visual system including eye movements, eye alignment, oculomotor balance and focusing ability; allowing you to not only see sharply, but comfortably.  All comprehensive exams include a general examination of your eyes' health.

Contact Lens Examinations:  Contact lenses are medical devices that need to be fit correctly to avoid future complications.  In addition to our comprehensive exam elements, contact lens exams thoroughly assess the ocular surface where the lenses contact the eye.  Contact lens exams include a topographical mapping of your eye's shape to help determine the most appropriate lens material and lens curve to provide you the best vision and comfort while wearing your contacts.

Eye Disease:  We diagnose, treat, and manage many eye conditions including glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic eye disease.  Our state-of-the-art imaging systems allow us to diagnose conditions earlier and monitor changes more accurately.

Urgent Eye Health Examinations:  We treat acute eye-related problems including infections, allergies, abrasions,  and ocular surface disease.

Minor Surgery:  We perform various minor surgical procedures in office.  These include removing foreign bodies (such as metal and wood), inserting punctual plugs for dry eyes, eyelash epilation and naso-lacrimal duct dilation and irrigation.

LASIK co-management:  LASIK surgery requires a pre-operative examination to determine if you are a likely candidate and multiple post-operative examinations to monitor the healing process.  There are no LASIK or refractive surgeons in the surrounding area, however, we co-manage with various skilled surgeons allowing you the convenience of having your pre and post-operative visits at our office.